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honeywell notifier in saudi arabia

Among all the Suppliers of Honeywell Notifier in Saudi Arabia , Gulf Falcon Trading is always your choice and always near by across the Kingdom

Gulf Falcon is a supplier that deals & Sells Honeywell Notifier alarm systems in Saudi Arabia , Morley IAS, GENT and FARENHYT.

 Gulf Falcon Trading Safety Est – Hazard Control is one of the leading fire protections, design, supply, implementation and servicing companies in Saudi Arabia .

Gulf Falcon specialized in system design, supplying complete detection & suppression systems and provides top quality services as per international standards.

Gulf Falcon is capable of providing quality service to the clients with the knowledge gained out of vast experience in last decades.

Gulf Falcon is committed to provide quality service with the blend of latest technology for the satisfaction of its client technically & commercially.

We can provide similar quality service and ALL materials including



  • Fire Protection & Suppression System & Materials,

  • Safety Items,

  • CASCADE SYSTEM with Compressors,



  • Rescue Trailers, Ambulance & Fire Trucks,

  • SCBA,

  • Fire Extinguishers ( Firex, Ansul, Amerex ) 

  • Cabinets & Hose reel Stations

  • Compressor & Generators,

  • Hydrants , Monitors & Valves,

  • Foam System,

  • PPE Items

  • Fall Protection & etc.

  • Service & maintenance of Fire Equipment

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts

notifier in saudi arabia
Morley IAS in saudi arabia
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