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cable glands suppliers in saudi arabia


Our Cable Glands are a good fit to Raychem Termination Kits and Burndy Lugs.

We know the exact physics behind this and are bound to take utmost care in designing cable glands which are made up of light yet great insulator. You may look for us on the internet while searching for CMP cable glands in Saudi Arabia, Hawke cable glands in Saudi Arabia, Crouse hinds cable glands in Saudi Arabia, CCG Armoured cable glands in Saudi Arabia, and Peppers Armoured cable glands in Saudi Arabia. You will find us on the top when you search for any of the above products.

Cable Gland's main functions are to serve as a sealing and termination system to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and enclosures.

Your application or environment may require a particular quality of the cable gland, more than its basic function.

At Gulf Falcon Trading Est , and as a Cable Gland Providers and Suppliers for mega projects in Saudi Arabia, we might offer the below different types of the cable glands in our product lists​

  • Explosion-proof cable glands.

  • EX D & EX Cable Glands.

  • Liquid tight cable glands to protect against penetrating oils and waters

  • Stainless Steel Cable Glands.

We are always close and ready for our clients at any time.

At Gulf Falcon Trading Est, we supply high-quality Armoured  and Un Armoured cable glands in Saudi Arabia. These cable glands are of superior quality and are best in their prime function.

These cable glands are generally used to seal or terminate electric wires. Because of their work as a terminator, they ought to be non-conducting in nature. The better the non-conductor used to make the cable gland, the better is the quality of the cable gland. The common insulators (non-conductors) are plastic, glass, fiber, etc.

We carry all these varied ranges of products in our store for you to choose from. You can choose according to your needs and place an order. One thing is for sure that you will not be disappointed with the quality of the product.

We do our best in providing our customers with the best of the quality and great service. You will not be able to find any other better Armoured cable glands supplier in the whole of Saudi Arabia than us. These cable glands will ensure your safety as the building you live in will be protected from bad wiring mishaps.

For your very own house's or workplace's safety you must look for cable glands that are of high quality. No compromise must be done on the quality of electrical supplies as a mishap cause much more than the high-quality product.

We are in your favor and want only the best for you. Therefore, we supply these high-quality cable glands at a price that can be afforded by common middle-class households.


Our company, Gulf Falcon Trading Est strive to supply the best quality brass cable glands in Saudi Arabia. The quality of the brass cable gland is top-notch and is not a disappointment in its functioning. It is made from the finest brass available in the whole world.


There is no compromise in maintaining the quality of the product we offer. We are obliged to provide our customers with a high-quality brass cable gland. You may look out but you will not be able to find any better supplier than us for Brass cable glands.

Also, in this era of heavy internet reliance, you must look for the best Atcab Cable Glands in Saudi Arabia,You will be delighted to find us at the top of the list of suppliers in Saudi Arabia.


All this recognition that has been earned by the company is because of the service and quality of products we provide to our customers. There has been no negative feedback from our customers since they all have been very satisfied with our service and product.


The use of cable glands is in almost all types of cables such as electrical power, control, instrumentation, data, and telecommunications cables. This wide use of cable glands shows the importance of the product. It is generally used to terminate and seal the cables. This helps in breaking down the current in the cable. A cable that has not been sealed or terminated by a brass cable gland is dangerous as it may give you an electric shock. People need to keep their cables well-sealed and terminated in households or workplaces.


Your safety is much above than anything. We understand this and therefore, we provide you with good quality brass cable glands at a price that is worth the product. Also, you can be stress-free regarding the delivery of your product as we will take care of it very well. 



Gulf Falcon Trading Est is an electrical supplies’ supplier in Saudi Arabia. Our company is among the best suppliers in Saudi Arabia. It is the best Exe cable glands supplier in Saudi Arabia. With our constantly good service, there has been an increase in the number of our happy customers. 


Exe cable glands are being used in ATEX terminal boxes, control units, and any other electric equipment that is being used in an explosion hazardous environment. These cable glands are used for different types of cables and housing materials. The common raw material used in its making is metal. Its prime function is the termination of cables into electrical equipment.


These are important components of any electrical equipment you possess. In case you wish to fix it yourself without taking the help of an electrician, all you need to do is buy this cable gland and fix it using mechanical tools. It is not a cumbersome task to do on your own, however, mostly taking the help of an electrician is advised to prevent any mishaps.


There is a varied range of cable glands BW, CW, A1A2, E1W, E1FW Ex, A2F Ex, PG Glands


You can go look for a better electrical supplier than us in Saudi Arabia; you will not be able to find one. We have seized the electrical supplies market with our dedicated service and trusted products. There has never been any complaint regarding the quality of the Cable gland or any other product we sold out. 


Talking about the prices, it is also not high. We offer the best quality products at an affordable price, no one else will offer you. We are always delighted to have your query calls regarding any of our products, anytime.

Belden Cable Suppliers in Saudi Arabia 


Industrial Cables or Instrumentation Cables - we have them.
Belden provides the high signal availability that delivers maximum uptime, secure communications, and leading edge, standards-based products for optimal signal performance and reliability, even in the harshest environments.
At Gulf Falcon Trading Est, as a Belden Suppliers in Saudi Arabia, we provide the below:
Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 Cables, Industrial Ethernet Cable, Data Bus Cable, Fiber Optic Cable.

Burndy Suppliers in Saudi Arabia 

LV Cable Lugs, MV & HV Cable Lugs

Two Hole Lugs or One Hole Lugs - we have them.
For Providing reliable connections for the electrical & telecommunications, industrial and oil & gas industries, you have to have the right tools and lugs.
This is another reason why we are the Burndy Suppliers in Saudi Arabia, Because it is a globally approved brand, and also, because the Cable Lugs in Saudi Arabia are highly challenging market, and that is why we are in it.

Raychem Suppliers in Saudi Arabia - TERMINATION KITS 

Heat Shrinks & Termination Kits

Raychem Termination kit epkt or Raychem heat shrinks - we have them.

TE Connectivity Raychem cable accessories have been used by utilities and industrial companies around the
world for more than 35 years. At gulf Falcon Trading Est, as a Raychem  Suppliers in Saudi Arabia, we don't compromise the quality, that is why we never ran out of raychem stock.

klauke Lugs Saudi Arabia - LUGS

LV Cable Lugs, MV & HV Cable Lugs

German Cable Lugs Suppliers (Gulf Falcon Trading Est),  and stocked in our warehouses that met the highest standards, and finally delivered to your project site to connect tightly into your copper conductors and cables.

Cembre Suppliers in Saudi Arabia - CABLE LUGS

LV Cable Lugs, MV & HV Cable Lugs

Reliable Italian cable lugs, globally approved.

Band It Cable Ties Saudi Arabia - CABLE TIES

Cable Ties SS and PVC

Identification systems, Cable Ties, Marking System and Brand ID Tag Imprinter

Our Branches: Dammam , Khobar

For any required clarifications regarding Cable Glands or Cable Lugs, Please Don't hesitate to reach us
Saudi Arabia, Khobar, King Faisal Street, Cross 1, Galleria Tower.

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At Gulf Falcon Trading Est, we work hard to provide you the best quality LV MV lugs supplier in Saudi Arabia. There is no better company than ours in Saudi Arabia that supplies LV MV lugs of high-quality and at a reasonable price. The price is worth the quality of the product we provide to you.


These lugs are required for withstanding high voltage that cannot be handled by small voltage lugs. It provides improved electrical and mechanical performance on high voltage cables and circuits.


We understand the importance these lugs hold in the wiring involved in the households and workplaces. Therefore, the LV MV lugs provided by us are made from the best conductor as the raw material. Also, the varied range of lugs available with us gives you a lot of options to choose from.


You can look out for us on the internet by searching for Burndy LV MV lugs supplier in Saudi Arabia, Cembre LV MV lugs supplier in Saudi Arabia, Partex LV MV lugs supplier in Saudi Arabia, Klauke LV MV lugs supplier in Saudi Arabia, and Elpress LV MV lugs supplier in Saudi Arabia. You will see the link to our company at the top of the list.

All these different types of lugs available with us are made from the finest raw material to provide you with a lug that gives a great performance in both electrical and mechanical fields.


The quality of the LV MV lugs and the hassle-free delivery service we provide is the reason for the name of our company in top suppliers in Saudi Arabia. If you are in Saudi Arabia and need any electric supplies then there is no better place for you to go. Electrical supplies are something one should not compromise on. Therefore, we offer you the products which are made up of the best quality raw materials. There is no defect in the service we provide to you as both the product and the delivery system is well organized for the ease of customers.


However, in case of any queries regarding the product you are free to contact us anytime.

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